The Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine was established on the 1st July 2011, following a process of reorganisation of the University, from a merging of groups which came from the deactivated departments of Medical and Surgical Sciences, Neurosciences, Molecular Pathology and Innovative Therapies.

The Department is a self-managing organizational branch of the university which is dedicated to scientific research, teaching, and contributing to the so called Third Mission of the Higher Education Institution through the dissemination of scientific research findings amongst the community.

Its main aims are to plan, organize and regularly assess the quality of the research activity carried out in the scientific sectors and disciplines under its jurisdiction; to plan, organize and manage first level and master courses of the Faculty of Medicine and, last but not least, to provide cultural and educational activites and contribute to training  and guidance activities according to the students needs in collaboration with the medical association.

Professors and researchers from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery are affiliated to this department which comprises three sections.